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Fire Safety Informations

Fire poses a great risk to homes and businesses. It can seriously injure or kill visitors, employees, or even your family members.
It can also destroy or damage equipment, buildings, or stock.

Lime Rick Fire Rescue comes in to help prevent fires and related damages,
injuries, or even death. We focus on providing information to our readers to help them prevent accidental fires and related effects.

We educate our audience to keep people safe in high-risk environments. Our focus is to provide the information you need to prevent fire-related injuries and death to help save lives.

We’re responsible for offering the information you need to take the necessary precautions to manage fire hazards in your home or business environment.

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Safety Information for High-Risk Environments

Safety Information for High-Risk Environments The Construction Industry   The industry of construction is known for its hazardous working conditions. Workers handle hazardous materials, atop often working at high altitudes, putting them at a higher risk of...

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